RIZ jewelry,
created in the RIZ atelier


Where RIZ jewelry is created

RIZ jewelry is created in the Ginza RIZ atelier. We offer our customers the splendor of RIZ jewelry, having sought and refined the RIZ style since our founding in 1993. Starting with the highest quality metals and gemstones, we utilize our artistry and craftsmanship to produce the brilliance of fine jewelry. The entire process is carried out in our atelier.


Jewelry making with the sensibility of our designers and the skill of our craftsmen

Creating a piece of jewelry is a process, from the development of a prototype in consultation with our designers to completion of the finished product. Integral to this process is the pride and dedication of our experienced craftsmen, who are uncompromising in their commitment to the creation of fine jewelry.


Unique handmade jewelry

We produce one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry. Choose from our wide selection of the finest materials, including diamonds, colored stones, pearls and other loose stones, as well as gold, platinum and other precious metals, create a design in consultation with our staff, and leave the rest to our atelier. With consummate skill, our craftsmen meticulously create custom jewelry to your exact specifications, bringing your ideas to life.

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RIZ jewelry is also available at our online store.RIZ jewelry is also available at our online store.