Special jewelry for
those special occasions

RIZ style begins with our uncompromising selection of the finest materials,
and continues with the pursuit of the essence of jewelry design,
our commitment to detailed craftsmanship and attention to fit and comfort.
We create jewelry with the wearer in mind.

Here we introduce four series of RIZ style.

RIZ PEARL <リッツパール>RIZ PEARL <リッツパール>


Pearl jewelry with up-to-date designs is a RIZ style standard.

Our designs bring out the mysterious beauty of our pearls, which include baroque pearls, mainly Akoya, white butterfly and black butterfly pearls.

LAC ROSE <ラクローズ>LAC ROSE <ラクローズ>


The rose-tinted hue of a sunset reflected on the surface of a lake. Boundless admiration for the beauty of nature is the motif of our Lac Rose series.

FENICE <フェニーチェ>FENICE <フェニーチェ>


Our series of casual jewelry in the baroque style. We use a variety of materials to create jewelry that is anything but basic, weaving metal materials and stone beads one by one into artistic designs.

RIZ DIAMOND <リッツダイヤモンド>RIZ DIAMOND <リッツダイヤモンド>


Each diamond is carefully selected and shaped with unsurpassed skill and sensibility. We bring even more brilliance to our diamonds.

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RIZ jewelry is also available at our online store.RIZ jewelry is also available at our online store.