We seek the highest quality
with the wearer in mind.


Rigorous selection of materials

We seek ever higher quality for the diamonds, pearls and other materials used in RIZ jewelry.


Quality standards

We rigorously select only the finest materials to create pieces you can enjoy for a lifetime. Our pearls meet the standards for luster and nacre established by pearl grading organizations, and our diamonds meet standards for color at D-F or higher and clarity at SI1, VS or higher within the 4C standards of GIA.


RIZ quality

The combination of our rigorous selection of materials, our design sensibility and our craftsmanship is the source of RIZ quality. The beautiful matte finish of our Lac Rose series and other pieces can only be produced in the RIZ atelier.

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RIZ jewelry is also available at our online store.RIZ jewelry is also available at our online store.